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Rex E. Doodle's New Best Friend Autographed Book

Rex E. Doodle's New Best Friend Autographed Book

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**SPECIAL! LIMITED TIME ONLY** GET YOUR VERY OWN AUTOGRAPHED COPY! Author JoAnn Roselli and Illustrator Johnny Fazzingo will sign your copy of "Rex E. Doodle's New Best Friend!"

Best friends always watch out for each other. When a pampered Bearded Dragon named Rex meets his new best friend, a little wild lizard he calls Curly, they find out what friendship is all about. Learning to accept the other's different ways of life and experiences helps each of them understand life better. When trouble comes to the yard, they depend on each other to get through it. This story is both moving and exciting. It teaches kids the value of love, friendship, and accepting people who see the world differently.

Morals and Lessons for Kids:

  • Value of Friendship
  • Value of Family and Loved Ones
  • Appreciation of Differences in Appearance
  • Appreciation of Differences in Lifestyles
  • Value of Safety & Security
  • Self-Defense
  • Appreciation of Nature & Wildlife
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